Explore and Share with the Walkers

Nothing like food and a cute waiter to inspire the Walkers!

Nothing like food and a cute waiter to inspire the Walkers!

AAUW-NC Walkers take advantage of the fabulous outdoor world of Nevada County, CA.
We walk locally and hike and snowshoe trails up to 7,000 ft in elevation. In some cases (above), we need to consult an IPhone compass and GPS to figure out where we are going or where we have been!

We visit fields of wildflowers and Oak trees and climb mountain peaks and trails. In addition to visiting new trails, this group enjoys plenty of time to chat and get to know your fellow hikers. Most hikes take about half a day, including transportation. We have two walking groups.

AAUW Walkers Group 2015 Schedule

January 7      Stephanie Facchini      Nevada City

January 8       Karen Tabjl                   HIdden Falls

February 4     Penney Savelly            Empire Mine

March 4          Laurie Alire                 Loma Rica

April 1            Andrea Vetter             Big Oak Valley
Marie Hughes

May 6            Martha Rees                Buttermilk Trail at Bridgeport

June 3           Karen Schwartz            Round Mountain

Walkers and Hikers

The original group loves to explore new trails, many in our own neighborhoods. This group meets on the first Wednesday of each month (weather permitting). After their hike in June, the group meets to plan the upcoming hikes from September through June.  No formal hikes are planned for July and August.

For more information on this group contact Karen Schwartz.

Easy Walkers

This group is looking for regular exercise that will build their strength and endurance for more adventurous walks. They meet every Monday at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for a walk of about an hour.  For more information about this group, contact Shera Banbury.

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