Enjoy with Movie Group

Movie for June 2014
Terry Juhl is leading this month and will email us with her selection.  Have ideas?  Let Terry know.

How We Are Organized:   As you can imagine, .this group can’t really plan months in advance because we don’t know what will be showing and when.  We have targeted the last Tuesday of each month, but I don’t think we have ever hit that date.

What We See:  We are very eclectic in our choices.  We have seen everything from Gatsby and Gravity to THE AUDIENCE, starring Helen Mirren.  We are fortunate in Nevada County that the Del Oro features National Theatre Live and the Metropolitan Opera.

Who Decides What We See:  We ask members to select a month that each will “organize”.  Organizing means selecting what the group will see, emailing the group to announce what we will see, where, and when.  If it is convenient we gather for coffee and discussion afterward and the organizer picks the place.  By the way, if you sign up for a month and it turns out that you can’t do it, just let me know and we will look for a sub.

Using Our List:  Unlike some groups, we encourage members to use our distribution list if you would like someone to join you in seeing a movie, theatre performance, etc. that is not our “scheduled” event.