Cruise the Globe with World Cuisine

AAUW-NC has a monthly opportunity to test your culinary skills and enjoy great company. They each meet every other month so that a member may belong to both and, of course, husbands and guests are welcome.  Also see Gourmet Adventures, another Interest Group.

IMG_6465 IMG_6459Prepare to travel to far off places all in the home of a fellow member. At the first meeting of the year in September, members decide which cuisines to explore with every other month September and through May. Hostesses volunteer to have the group in their home for one dinner. Each member chooses an appetizer, main dish, side dish, or dessert to bring.  Recipes are shared at each event.  At past dinners, the group has enjoyed menus from Japan, Persia (Iran), and Germany.   Contact Ann Shulse or Chris Mercer for more information.

World Cuisine Guidelines
Leaders: Ann Shulse and Chris Mercer

For the 2014-2015 year, World Cuisine will meet on the 2nd Saturday of every other month: September 13th, November 8th, January 10th, March 14th, and May 9th. We have also already scheduled our 2015-2016 planning meeting for September 12, 2015.

The September meeting is held to develop a schedule of hostesses and themes for the year. Everyone brings an “international” appetizer and a beverage of their choice.

We will attempt to have our dinners at a house large enough to seat everyone who wants to attend, but sometimes we will have a House B ready as a back-up in case the turn-out is too large. The hostess will provide the dishes, utensils, coffee, and tea.

Spouses/significant others are welcome to join the World Cuisine dinners.

When the reminder email is sent out indicating the hostess and the theme, please contact the hostess to indicate what food you will bring. At each dinner we would like to have appetizers, entrees, salads, and desserts.

Everyone is asked to bring a serving utensil for their food and a beverage of their choice to share. Please provide a small sign that includes both the name of the food and your name. Also bring a few copies of the recipe you used to prepare your food.

2014-2015 World Cuisine Hostesses and Themes:

Nov. 8 Portuguese Sandy Davison

Jan. 10 Vietnamese (HOST NEEDED!!)
Mar. 14 Peruvian Bernadette Sylvester

May 9 Filipino Chris Mercer

Sep.12, 2015 Interna’nal apps. Jonellen Goddard