Interest Group Updates

New Year’s Resolutions!

Have you included AAUW Branch activities in your New Year Year’s Resolutions? You can see from the calendar listing and these notes that our activities cover a wide range of interests. Make a Resolution to join in! Interest Groups are open to all members…old-timers or newbies. Just call or email the group leader and plan to attend an upcoming session. Don’t see anything listed which perks your interest? Contact Nancy Knaus to consider starting a new interest group.

Speaking of Resolutions…Offer your talents and time to one of the many Branch areas which support women and girls in our community. Further information on these projects are found in other sections of this Lodestone.

Non-fiction Readers: Karen Tajbl reports the Non-Fiction readers have decided to meet on a regular basis at Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters in Grass Valley. The meeting date remains the same, the 3rd Tuesday at 12:30. You are encouraged to come and order your own coffee or snack. January 17 meeting will offer a selection of three books: Hillbilly Elegy by J.D.Vance, Evicted, Poverty and Profit in the American City by Mattew Desmond, and White Trash, the 400 year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg. Read one or as many as you want. There will be a short review of each book, discussion to find the common threads to the books, and a list of questions.

Foodie Groups: World Cuisine will gather Saturday, January 14 for foods of New England. Co-Hostesses are Elaine Sierra Jeanine McNeill. As we usually have a large turn-out for these events and our hostesses have limited seating and parking space, it may be necessary to split the group into two locations for this dinner. Please respond to Jeanine McNeill,, by January 4, 2017 if you will be attending and what you intend to bring so that they may coordinate the dinners, let everyone know where they will be attending and provide directions. If you have question, please call. Looking forward to another wonderful event! Gourmet Adventures celebrated the holiday season with a festive dinner at the Alta sierra home of BJ and George Comegys. Save the date for the next gathering, February 14: Brunch at the home of Stephanie and Ken Norton.

AAUWalkers, aka Hiking group. The December Hike on the Round Mountain Trail in Nevada City was a new excursion for the hiking group. There were seven of us, including new member Deb Kus, who took on the temps in the 30’s and the threat of rain. It was a beautiful hike through Manzanita forests and Mountain Misery. Red berries on various types of bushes and autumn leaves adorned the trail. We hiked four miles of the twenty mile trail, and we all left with thoughts of returning soon to explore another area of the mountain.

Hopefully, the weather will as kind to us in January as it was in December. Wednesday, January 4 we will be hiking to the Beale Falls, also known as Fairy Falls. This is in the Penn Valley/Smartsville area. Meet to carpool in the KMart Parking lot at 9:30 on Wednesday, January 4. Respond to Stephanie Facchini.

Gadabouts: Sunday, January 14th at 3:00 pm. Gadabouts will visit Tempio de Musica, for entertainers Jeff and Anne Barnhart of “Ivory and Gold”. They are a piano/flute duo that are incredibly entertaining, performing ragtime, jazz and tin-pan-alley music. They also do vocals . Tempio de Musica is a unique venue on a country road off of Bitney Springs beyond the Nevada City School of the Arts. While they do take reservations, they do not sell tickets but have a system set up for collecting donations. Please watch for future messages about this event. If you have never been to Tempio de Musica, we are sure you will enjoy the one of a kind experience. Please respond to Marilyn Chamblis if you will be participating.