Advancing Equity for Women and Girls

Public Forum: Saturday, January 30, 2021

Event Coordinator and Moderator, AAUW Public Policy Chair

On Jan 30, 9:30-11:30 AM, visit the website, select Watch Now for the live stream of this event. You can also watch live on Comcast channel 11 or Suddenlink Ch 16.

After Feb 5th you can watch the forum anytime by visiting the Watch Now page on the website. Scroll down and choose the NCM Main Channel On-Demand image. The

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault: How it touches Us All video can be watched at any time. This forum is jointly hosted by AAUW-Nevada County Branch and Community Beyond Violence. Domestic. Violence is a serious issue in normal times, but has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Carolyn Feuille, 2019-20 Public Policy Chair, and ‘her team began working with CBV on this Forum in the Fall of 2019. Due to Covid restrictions, the original live forum, scheduled April 2020, has been re-imagined now as a virtual presentation. AAUW members on the planning team include: Chris Casey, Joan De-Marce Rutledge, and Deborah York.

Stephanie Fischer, Exec Director, CBV

Stephanie Fischer (key speaker) is  the Executive Director at Community Beyond Violence (formerly DVSAC), whose mission is to offer resources for building healthy relationships and to work with community partners to provide services for healing the effects of interpersonal violence. Community Beyond Violence has been providing services to victims of violence and their families in Western Nevada County since 1978. Stephanie is a certified self-defense instructor and is passionate about serving this community.

A panel of presenters include: 

Dr. Angela Vickers, Forensic Medical Examiner OB/GYN, Forensic Medical Examiner at the BEAR Clinic in Sacramento (Bridging Evidence Assessment & Resources)

Brett McFadden, Superintendent, Nevada Joint Union High School District

Asst. District Attorney Chris Walsh

Frank McClain, Men’s Group Facilitator, CBV

James Pritchett, Assoc. Family/Marriage Therapist, CBV

Angela Ford, retired Investigator for Placer County Sheriff, Reserve Officer for Nevada City Police, Criminal Justice Instructor

Janet Stegman, survivor and author of Sandcastles: Tools for Letting Go of Addiction and the Pain of the Past

A Statement from National AAUW on the

Violence in DC

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, we watched as the President of the United States incited a mob to march on the Capitol to attempt to overturn the results of an election he lost eight weeks ago. We watched in horror as that mob of white nationalists stormed the U.S. Capitol building. And we watched as they tried, and failed, to subvert our democracy, leaving a trail of wreckage and terror in their wake.

This was not the beginning. This was an inflection point in years of hate and division incited by a President who does not care about our country or its people, but only about himself. He has stoked racism, sexism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, ableism, xenophobia, toxic masculinity, and more — allowing those who share his beliefs to come out in the open and act without fear of repercussions and wreak havoc on the seat of democracy. The failed insurrection at the Capitol this week was shocking, but not without warning. {click here for the full text.]

Branch Scrapbook

Ellen Keeshen and Barbara Johnson.

Katherine (Bup) Greenwood, Susie Monary-Wilson, Martha Rees, Deb Cubberley

Barbara Tagg, member, and Ashley Votaw, re-entry scholarship recipient

Bup Greenwood & Gretchen Corbin, Hospitality hosts

Teri Mc Connell & Sharon O’Hara

Shirley Zeff, Jeanne Clark, & Barbara Drew

Melanie Heckel, Terry Juhl, Andrea Vetter, & Margaret Munson

Gretchen Corbin, Barbara Collins, & Cheryl Morris

Shirley Payne modeling her AAUW pin.

February 2016 Meeting: Stephanie Fachinni, Virginia Horowitz, Penney Savelly, and Ann Shulse.

February 2015 meeting. Nancy Knaus
Candy Jewett , Laurie Alire, and Susan Fivelstad.

Bup Greenwood and Deborah York

Joan DeMarce-Rutledge, Sharon Wynne, Deborah York, Jennifer Wilkerson, & Denice Richards