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Note: No general meeting in December—Happy Holidays to all!

For those of you who missed the other gathering in November (“De-Polarizing Political Conversations”), and want to see what you missed, a video recording is available: CLICK HERE.

Saturday, November 18 – Climate Change & Water Management

Karen Hull, President, NID Board and Co-Vice President/Programs, AAUW Nevada County Branch The second program in our Fire and Water Series featured Nevada Irrigation District (NID) Board President and AAUW Programs Co-Vice President, Karen Hull.

The second program in our Fire  and Water Series featured Nevada Irrigation District (NID) Board President and AAUW Programs Co-Vice President, Karen Hull.

[For those unable to attend, the program was recorded, and the video is available by clicking HERE.]

[Click here for October meeting slides on the Wildfire Threat by Brittany Covich.]

In her presentation to the general meeting attendees, Karen made clear that water, as one of our region’s most precious natural resources, is carefully managed by NID. With over 270,000 acres of service territory. NID manages one of the largest and most complex water districts in California. While NID is blessed with a pristine high Sierra watershed, in the coming decades climate change will have a profound impact on the District and the communities it serves.
At this program, we heard about the challenges posed by the extreme weather events we now experience and how NID is planning ahead to face a potential water scarcity, even in seasons producing atmospheric rivers.  NID is exploring options on possible solutions that will ensure minimal impact to its customers.

Karen assured the crowd that treated water, that which we depend on to flow from our faucets, will never be in danger as treated water gets first priority and makes up only a small fraction of the water provided within the District. Raw water, that which is used for irrigation and by far making up the lion’s share of supplied water, will likely reflect the impact in increased cost per miner’s inch. Karen impressed the crowd with her deep knowledge of the history of water management in California and her command of the data that has been accumulated and studied over the last 50 years. She revealed that NID is considering several options for capturing and storing more water in the future.  NID, she maintains, can and will avert any water crisis and that we are in capable hands.

Peace Lutheran Church, 828 W Main, Grass Valley. Note: AAUW-NC is not affiliated with Peace Lutheran; we rent the church’s spacious event room for general meetings.

Gov Trek,New AAUW CA Program, Encourages Public Service

This virtual program for high school junior and senior girls was launched in February of 2022 with a keynote pre-recorded address by former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. To watch her recorded message, click the image of her.This program is designed to elevate the next generation to pursue careers in public service and elected office. Over five two-hour sessions, students will engage in interactive and inspiring activities with exposure to women legislators, career options, and the inner workings of a political campaign. The program will culminate in a group competition to create a realistic campaign simulation.

Former Tech Trekker Sid Pixley attended the sessions and was greatly enthusiastic and about all that she learned. Her success in the program was covered in The Union. To learn more click this link:  Gov Trek – AAUW California

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