Gnaw & Jaw (dining & social group)

After the September Welcome Back Brunch, names are drawn by the G&J leaders to form dining groups of 6-8. Those groups (one of which is pictured below) will last throughout the year, meeting three times, October, January, and May. For each dinner, one of the group’s members will take the lead to assign dishes and host the event. The themes for the year are announced by the co-chairs. At the end of the year, new groups will be drawn for the for the next year.
The dining/gourmet group has was re-launched in 2022 with a new and different format. Its new moniker is “Gnaw and Jaw” (eating and talking, who doesn’t enjoy that?)

The parameters of the group were set at a potluck (pictured above), and we will begin our gnawing and jawing no later than October (also pictured, two groups starting their year together).

In the meantime, the group will meet as a whole two to three times a year at local restaurants.

So, we will be meeting a total of five to six times a year. Every AAUW branch member is welcome and each of you may bring someone…. a spouse, a significant other, a friend, relative, etc. OR you may come as a single. This is not just a couples’ group!  If you are interested in joining this group, please contact either Chris Boykin or Deborah Cubberley (emails below), interest group co-leaders. 

For more information contact Deb Cubberley at or Chris Boykin at