Interest Groups—Learning and Exploring Together

Interest Groups offer an avenue to join in the branch activities, to collaborate with members, participate in activities, and become an advocate for AAUW. 
*Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, many meetings are on hold or being held via Zoom for now.  Check the Lodestone for the most up-to-date information on your chosen group.

Interest Group displays drew attention at the Picnic


Arts and Crafts   Sometimes called the Crafties, the group meets on the first Thursday of each month usually in the morning.   Contact Stephanie Norton for the meeting and project schedule.

Book Discussions
Mostly fiction: Meets on the second Thursday at 1pm.   Contact Robin Laverty-Reves.
Non-fiction: Meets on third Tuesday, at 1pm.  Contact Deborah York.

Gardening   Meets on third Thursday of each month. Contact Ellie Anderson.

Gourmet Adventures  Meets on the second Saturday, alternate months. Contact Shirley Racine.

Great Decisions   Runs from February through September. Great Decisions helps us understand current events and issues. The Foreign Policy Association study guide provides the background. Our members provide the lively interpretation, insights and discussion. Contact Susie Monary-Wilson.

Gracious Helpers  is a branch interest group that provides meals and support to members who are ill, recovering from surgery, or caring for a family member.  Contact Pat Pedersen, who is also Friendship Liaison, and in this position will send letters of condolence and support to any member who has experienced or is in the midst of an upsetting life event.

 Hikers set their schedule on a month by month basis, mainly due to weather.   Click here or the Lodestone for the next month’s schedule.

Writing Group (new group!) meets monthly for 1.5 hours on Zoom (for now) to support and encourage each other, identify topics we would like to learn more about, and provide feedback on written materials as requested.