Interest Groups—Learning and Exploring Together


Interest Group displays drew attention at the Picnic

Interest Group displays drew attention at the Picnic

Interest Groups offer an avenue to join in the branch activities, to collaborate with members, participate in activities, and become an advocate for AAUW.   See Interest Group Updates for this/next month’s activities.

Easy Walkers    Every Monday, 8:00 am. Appeals to walkers who walk well, at a fairly good pace, and prefer level ground. Meet at the Fairgrounds for three laps around the perimeter. Contact Shera Banbury for location details!
Adventurous Walkers    First Wed of each month. Contact Karen Schwartz

Arts and Crafts   Sometimes called the Crafties, the group meets on the first Thursday of each month usually in the morning.   Contacts Stephanie Norton for the meeting schedule.

Book Discussion
Mostly fiction: 2nd Thursday at 1pm Contact Cece Royal
Non-fiction: 3rd Tuesday, at 1pm Contact Karen Tajbl

GadAbouts   Varies from month to month.  Enjoys local live performances, restaurants, and other activities.

Gardening   Meets on 3rd Thurs of each month

Gourmet Adventures  2nd Saturday, alternate months.

Great Decisions   Resumes in February. Great Decisions helps us understand current events and issues. The Foreign Policy Association study guide provides the background. Our members provide the lively interpretation, insights and discussion. Contact Susie Monary-Wilson.

Movies: October and November dates and films to be determined. Let us know if you want some gal friends to go to movies with!  Contact Laurie Alire.

World Cuisine: 2nd Saturday alternate months. Save the Date!!!  Contact Nancy Knaus for details.