Edi Silverman Community Service Award

Since 2003, our Branch has honored a member who has made a sustained, significant contribution to AAUW and the community.  A committee headed by the current recipient makes the final selection based on the following criteria:

  • Be a current member of AAUW-NC and a current resident of Nevada County
  • Have made a significant contribution to the community through volunteer and professional activities that relate to the AAWU Mission
  • Exhibit leadership qualities.

Stephanie Facchini (top) announces Susie-Monary Wilson (below)  as the 2020 recipient; John Wilson  behind Susie.

2020 Award

At the May 21, 2020, Zoom AAUW Officer Installation meeting,  2019 award recipient Stephanie Facchini revealed Susie Monary-Wilson to have been selected. Stephanie’s remarks summarized Susie’s outstanding contribution to AAUW and the community:

“Before retiring to Nevada County,  she was working and raising two children. She worked with various companies managing their call centers and  up to a few hundred people.  Her most remarkable accomplishment was setting up a 311 call center for the city of Berkeley.  This one call center combines all of the city services calls into one phone number. Her volunteer time was obviously limited!! 
 “Arriving in Nevada County almost 10 years ago, she hit the pavement volunteering – making up for lost time!   Within AAUW she has taken over the duties for Interest Group Coordinator, warmly welcoming new members and connecting them with the leaders of the various interest groups..  She took on the leadership of Great Decisions when founding leader Darlene Paulsen stepped down. Under this new leadership the group has continued to grow; today it is our largest interest group, a lively forum for intelligent women to learn and discuss international issues. She quietly facilitates, nurturing members to take on leadership of each topic, setting the guidelines for respectful debate, finding new venues as the group grows, and reading extensively about each topic herself to inform our discussion.  And then there is the role of Board Secretary…keeping accurate and detailed notes. 
 “Her contributions to the community go well beyond AAUW.   For the past ten years she has been an Angel for the Friendship Club, mentoring young at risk girls, helping to guide them through those tough years of being a teenager, whether it be through friendship, providing transportation,  or helping with homework.  She has been the funeral coordinator for St. Canice Center, a member of the St. Canice Mom’s Group, and a volunteer for the Hospitality House helping with lunches and with the Bread and Roses Store.  Adding to this list is Rotary Club Member; Seven Hills NatureBridge Science Field Trip Sponsor, and member of the Advisory Board of InConcert Sierra.
“I wonder when she sleeps? Susie Monary-Wilson is an inspiration for all of us. She has made a difference to AAUW and to its members.  We honor her, and we thank her for her contributions to AAUW and the community.  Susie Monary-Wilson is our well deserving 2020 Edi Silverman Award recipient. “

Current & Past Awardees
2020 Susie Monary-Wilson
2019 Stephanie Facchini
2018 Ann Shulse
2017 Francesca Erickson
2016 Melanie Heckel
2015 Martha Rees
2014 Bernadette Sylvester
2013 Stephanie Norton
2012 Shirley Zeff
2011 Sharon O’Hara
2010 Sue Miller
2009 Elaine Sierra
2008 Cheryl Morris
2007 Carolyn Standley
2006 Madelyn Helling
2005 Zaida Petievich
2004 Marion Becker
2003 Edi Silverman