Branch President’s Monthly Message

Look At All We’ve Done!

Bup Greenwood, AAUW-NCB President

As I mull over the past 6 months, I am astonished by all we have accomplished under such limited and difficult conditions. 

Virginia Horowitz started the Board on Zoom in April, leading us into the 21st century through her competence, energy, and gentle support. The two reading groups and Great Decisions followed, generating the same lively conversations and camaraderie online in this new
Virginia also began making phone calls to members, checking in to see if each was well;
Board members joined in, and then Gracious Helpers generously took on the telephoning
for many weeks, keeping track of anyone who needed help or a friendly voice.
Deb Cubberley began making pine needle baskets, wondered if other crafters would like to donate their ‘pandemic projects’ to raise money for women’s education—and a fundraiser was born.
Sue Miller immediately expanded her Lodestone efforts, reaching out to members for their pictures and anecdotes, and also combing the web for health tips she tucked into our newsletter. She’s kept us entertained, connected, and safer.
Bernadette Sylvester and Penny Savelly put their heads together and planned programs to meet our needs, ready to proceed on Zoom or in person as the situation allows.
• Many members began making masks for friends, for the hospital, for essential workers in need—hundreds of masks helping others stay safe and know they were cared for.
Neighborhood Circles began, with many members volunteering to be a neighborhood contact. Thank you to Terry Juhl, Deb York, Barbara Drew, Fran Erickson, Susan Riggs, Lynda Guthrie, Melanie Heckel, Mari Weaver, Bonnie Curtis, Karen Tajbl (all as of press time August 10) for reaching out to your neighbors, keeping us connected and alert to member needs.
Margaret Munson leaped into her new position as Historian undaunted, working safely isolated at the Historical Society Library to catalog our 80 years of history, one paper at a time.
Chris Casey took over as Fundraiser Coordinator in an extraordinary year, and figured out how to raise funds when we couldn’t meet by building on Deb Cubberley’s crafty idea for an auction. Stephanie Owyoung, Tech Trek mom and Tech genius, pitched in with critical technical help.
Martha Rees, Stephanie Facchini and the entire TT committee have worked overtime to honor our 2020 Trekkers with a safely-distanced ceremony at the Superintendent’s parking lot, followed by a cornucopia of activities all summer long, providing safe enrichment to take the place of the camp that was cancelled.

There is more, but you get the idea.
You are the gals who get ‘er done, the “Rosie the Riveters” of this pandemic. You solve problems, make connections, support each other. You creative rascals! I am cheered and proud to be part of such a group, and I know that, together, we will get through this.

– Bup Greenwood, President