Local Scholarship Fundraiser – April 27, 2024


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Public Forum: Thursday, Nov. 16, 5:30 PM, Sierra College Multipurpose Room

Learning to speak with respect and civility with people we disagree with was the goal of a special program, “De-Polarizing Political Conversations.” If you were unable to attend this event, a video recording is available by clicking De-Polarizing Political Conversations.

Presented by the Nevada County League of Women Voters (LWVNC), the Branch, and Business and Professional Women (BPW) of Nevada County, the program was led by representatives of Braver Angels, an organization whose mission is to bridge the partisan divide between conservatives and progressives. 

So many Americans are alarmed and appalled by the discord and hate that is tearing our country apart, but don’t know what they can do about it.” said Lynn Forbes, AAUW member and co-president of the League of Women Voters of Nevada County. “This presentation by Braver Angels is a step in the right direction.”

“De-Polarizing Political Conversations” was guided by two Braver Angels representatives – one who identifies as a red/conservative and one who identifies as a blue/progressive – who shared a methodology and techniques for communicating in a positive and constructive manner with people of different backgrounds and political affiliations. The objective is not to change someone’s political views but to better understand differences, find common ground where it exists, and help strengthen our country.

According to Braver Angels volunteer Maxim Schrogin, this is his way of actively promoting civil discourse in the United States. “I’m drawn to encounter people whose realities differ from my own,” he said. As a result, he said he feels his world is expanded and hopes the world becomes a better  place for everyone.

Forbes echoes that sentiment, “Words are powerful, and being mindful about how we use them with each other can be incredibly healing and is essential for our country to move forward.”

This event was sponsored by Associated Students of Sierra College. 

2023 Tapas & Trivia Fundraiser Success!

Saturday, April 29, 4-7 pm: Approximately 150 people attended and participated in Nevada County AAUW’s third Tapas & Trivia scholarship fundraiser event. The crowd enjoyed a bounteous array of tapas that servers continued to replenish through the evening and wine, beer, and other beverages were also available to those in a party mood, and it was a great party!


A lively game of trivia ensued once the evening was well started, and President Deb York led the teams and the crowd in their participation, attempting to correctly answer some esoteric questions around science, geography, sports, and literature. And of course, there were both live and silent auctions during which bidders vied for trips, hosted parties, party ponies, pies, etc. Those who wanted to contribute but had no items they were crazy to bid for, could also “fund a need,” and this part of the evening brought forth generous dollar amounts as many made clear their support of scholarships for women and girls. All & all, a highly successful evening and a memorable time with members of the community and AAUW. Thank you all who could attend.