NID (Nevada Irrigation District)

May contain: tree, plant, fir, abies, and coniferFor 100 years, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has been delivering high quality water to its customers.  What began as an old reservoir and canal system serving gold mines has been transformed into a modern public water system.

NID water originates as snowmelt found in 70,000 acres of high elevation watershed near the headwaters of the Yuba River, Bear River and Deer Creek. NID employees manage water around the clock, moving supplies to one of its 29 reservoirs, and later releasing water destined for drinking to one of six water treatment plants for filtration and purification. All the water passes through hundreds of miles of canal and pipe to become drinking or irrigation water for 25,000 homes, farms and businesses. The annual result is three billion gallons of quality drinking water and enough irrigation water for 30,000 acres of agricultural land.