COVID 19 Guidelines

  1. We will assume that all Branch members vaccinated and boosted. If you are not, please let Deb York know and we will accommodate.
  1. If you are experiencing symptoms associated with Covid 19 (fever, headache, sore throat, muscle/joint aches, shortness of breath, etc.) please stay home from Branch activities.
  1. If a close family member has symptoms or has tested positive, and you do not have symptoms, please mask when carpooling or attending indoor meetings.
  1. If you have been traveling with increased exposure, please wear mask for 5 days after returning if you are attending indoor meetings.
  1. A meeting host (interest group leaders, committee chairs, etc.) may request participants to test prior to attending meeting or wear masks.
  1. If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive (with/without symptoms) please alert meeting host and wear a mask.
  1. We will track Nevada County Covid rates and follow all local government and CDC guidelines. We will notify all Branch members of any changes to these guidelines.