Local Scholarships

2019 College Scholarships for
Nevada County Women

Throughout the year, we strive to raise funds for scholarships for local women.  During May and June, we see the results, with each of the candidate schools “graduating” their seniors at different times in different places.  Here are the first few. Stay tuned for more.

Nevada Union

2019 NU Local Scholarship recipients: Mikaela Galbraith (l) and Monica Kittle (r) Mikela will be attending the University of San Francisco ti study Pediatric Nursing.  Monica will attend Cal State Channel Islands to study Biology/Pre-Med/Nursing.

Ghidotti Early College High School

Natalie Webster (r) graduated from Ghidotti Early College High School will be attending UC Davis to study Psychology/Biopsychology; Fran Erickson (l) represented AAUW at the event.

High school applications are available from Nevada Union and Bear River high school counsellors. Sierra College applications are available from Sierra College counsellors. 

The AAUW-NC re-entry grant is being offered again in 2019. You qualify to apply for it if you:

  • Are a woman residing in western Nevada County,
  • Are interested in working toward a specific post-high school certificate or degree,
  • Can demonstrate a financial need, and
  • Your education was interrupted for at least a year.

You may qualify for a grant of up to $2000. Scroll down for an application.

Completed applications must be submitted before April 1 of each year.

 What Is the Charitable Trust?                  

By Cheryl Morris
Charitable Trust Coordinator

What is the connection between Nevada County Branch, Local Scholarship Committee, Tapas and Trivia fundraiser, and the Nevada County Branch Charitable Trust? If you’re not quite clear, you’re not alone. Read on and be enlightened.

Not all AAUW branches give local scholarships, and few have their own trust. The Nevada County Branch has been awarding scholarships since 1946…over 70 years! The Nevada County Branch Charitable Trust was established in 1970 with an initial donation of $10.00. Its purpose is exclusively educational; it holds the funds from which local scholarships are awarded each year. It is a separate nonprofit organization linked to the branch by the terms of the trust. Three branch members serve as trustees: Ann Shulse, Joanne Weatherly, and Cheryl Morris. They meet regularly with pro bono financial adviser Astrid Pryor, CFP, who is also a branch member.

Assets of the trust are invested through Charles Schwabb. There is also a checking account, out of which scholarship funds are paid directly to the schools our recipients attend.

Tapas & Trivia and All About Unique Women have been the recent branch fundraisers for educational purposes. Proceeds are divided so that 75% goes to the Charitable Trust and 25% to AAUW Funds Educational Opportunities Fund. Thus, when you participate in this event, besides having fun, you are contributing directly to our scholarship program.

The Local Scholarship Committee is made up of the trustees and volunteers from the branch. The committee decides the number and amount of scholarships awarded each year as well as selecting the recipients.

We are proud that the trust has grown over the years, while at the same time we have increased both the number and dollar amount of scholarships awarded. In addition, funds that come from direct contributions for local scholarships are always welcome.

Re-Entry Scholarship/Grant Application

The Nevada County Branch of the American Association of University Women offers a scholarship/grant to women whose education has been interrupted for a year or more. The applicant must reside in western Nevada County. The grant will be for $500 to $1000 and be awarded for the purpose of obtaining a certificate or degree. Applications are due April 1 of each year.

Date of Application:______________________

Full Name of Applicant:___________________________________________________


Phone:_________________________ E-mail:________________________________

Year Graduated from High School:________________ Diploma/GED?______________

Name of High School___________________________ City/State_________________

Any post high school educational experience:
Work Experience:
Educational Facility of Desired Attendance:
Please attach to this application a personal brief explanation detailing the following:

Your career goals following your completion of this post-high school program

An explanation of why financial aid is important to help you achieve this goal. Please include number and ages of dependents.

How did you learn of this scholarship/grant opportunity? (For example: workplace, educational institution, etc.)

Funds that may be awarded to you may be deposited directly with the educational facility on your behalf. These funds will then be used towards tuition and educational supplies. If, for some reason, this is not possible, or if the funds are awarded to cover expenses not directly encumbered at the school, other arrangements may be made.

Please return this completed application with two letters of recommendation to:

AAUW Scholarship Committee Chairperson
P.O. Box 326
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Want to Join the Local Scholarship Committee?

If you are committed to advancing educational opportunities for women, you may be interested in participating in the Local Scholarship Committee’s work. Email or call Susan Fivelstad using the Branch membership book.